Our order of Service


Usually, each service begins with worship, music, and songs to praise God and express our gratefulness and honor for everything He has done  for us.

The Sermon

Of course, the preaching of the Word of God ocupies a central place in every church service. Every sermon in addition to the revelation  of spiritual truths   also provides us the knowledge  of  how to practically apply the  ancient truths of the Bible in our daily lives.

After each sermon, there is always a call to prayer  for those who would like to change their lives in accordance with God’s Word. This is usually a call to pray  the prayer of  repentance. Every person is given  opportunity to say  this  prayer   their seat, and make the decision to grow spiritually through   Bible study, fellowship  and private prayer.

After the meeting, those who need prayer support or   first time attenders have a chance to meet  the pastor and share special prayer needs , if they have any

We look forward to see you in any of our church services. May God bless you!

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